iStorage datAshur PRO2 (Code: IS-FL-DP2-256-4)

datAshur PRO2 is created for securely downloading and storing data that you really want to keep private. The concern that data should fall into untenable hands is totally redundant.

Offering 100% real-time military grade AES-XTS 256bit Hardware Encryption with FIPS PUB 197 validated encryption algorithm the data protection and protection in datAshur PRO2 is carried out according to the most stringent criteria. The datAshur PRO2 is authenticated (unlocked) and all functions are performed using the onboard keypad and with zero host involvement, the device is not vulnerable to key-loggers and/or brute force attacks. Also, the USB key is equipped with USB 3.2, which ensures extremely fast data transfer.


Security Clearance:
-FIPS 140-2 level 3
-NATO Restricted (pending Q3 2019)

-Encryption with AES 256 bits
-FIPS FIPS PUB 197 certification for encryption algorithm
-PIN entering on the embedded keyboard (7-15 characters)
-Option of setting up the user and administrator PIN
-Option to set the "read-only" mode
-Supported in Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and other OS
-Automatic lock when removing from a USB connector
-Extremely fast USB 3.2
-Resistance to water and dust according to IP58 standard.

Manufacturer: iStorage
Price: EUR 71,98
Incl. 22 % TAX
Copyright MAXXmarketing GmbH
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