New Release of Atalla AT1000 HSM (8.40) 360The Utimaco Atalla Team has announced the release of the Atalla AT1000 hardware security module (HSM) version 8.40.

This release enhances the functionality of the HSM and provides multiple fixes for a higher application quality.

The Atalla command language has over 200 commands and growing! It’s ASCII command-response system along with NextGen RESTful API provides a very smart and unique way for interfacing with HSMs. Utimaco continues to be on the forefront of evolving technology requirements and security regulations and this is reflected within the following unique features!

Key Features

Enhanced TLS Config for individual domains
This release allows you to strengthen the security of the HSM in a multitenant environment. Atalla AT1000 already supports 10 domains/partitions on a single Hardware Appliance. This release allows you to establish individual TLS 1.2 tunnels with each domain using different CA and underlaying certs for mutual authentication.
The release also adds support for SAN (Subject Alternative name) and CRL (Certification Revocation List) that allows you to take better control over revoked certificates.

NTP Logging Enhancements
This is an enhancement on the previously released NTP support on AT1000 to improve it further and add logging capabilities.

Support for multiple SNMP trap destinations and MIB enhancements
This release enables you to add multiple SNMP Trap destinations to allow HSM sending SNMP alerts to multiple monitoring stations along with many MIB enhancements towards HSM monitoring.

Backup Operator Group Enhancements
This release streamlines and enhances the support for individual domain backups while maintaining administrative access to the HSM from domain 0.

For a more detailed view of the key features, cryptography support and technical specifications of our Atalla AT1000 NextGen PCI PTS HSM v3.0 and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified payments HSM, we invite you to review the Product Overview and Data Sheet here. 360
With the new Utimaco 360 administration platform you can centrally & remotely access your Atalla HSMs for real-time monitoring, configuration and reporting on premises or in the cloud. 360 is a unified platform that enables centralized administration, monitoring and provisioning of multiple Atalla AT1000 HSM appliances. It provides an easy-to-use GUI with natural event and decision flow to manage cryptographic resources more effectively.

Utimaco IS GmbH
German company Utimaco is one of the leading manufacturers of hardware based cryptographic solutions that provide the root of trust. Utimaco devices keep cryptographic keys safe, secure critical digital infrastructures and protect high value data assets. With German precision engineering, tamperproof Utimaco devices offer scalable performance with the highest level of physical security and self-defence for hostile environments.


Technical Training for Hardware Security Module (HSM)

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