CREAplus ActivID Test Suite - performance benchmark tool for HID ActivID authentication solution.

What is CREAplus ActivID Test Suite?

CREAplus ActivID Test Suite by CREA plus is a basic performance benchmark tool for HID ActivID authentication solutions. HID ActivID authentication solutions provide versatile multi-factor/strong authentication for e-banking/mobile banking users and also for employees accessing a wide range of applications, including VPN Remote Access, Terminal Services, and Private and Public Clouds.

CREAplus ActivID Test Suite is a desktop application for Windows PC.The test tool is designed so that the users themselves can configure tasks and tools in order to test different aspects of HID ActivID authentication solution.


CREAplus ActivID TestSuite


How does it work?

Test Suite tool produces various performance graphs and detailed logs of the tasks performed. In this way it enables an analysis of the network environment, the operating system and software.

It is not necessary to perform any additional installation in order to use CREAplus AtivID Test Suite tool, as the program itself saves the current configuration after the copying to preferred directory is performed. Before the test execution the administrator has to prepare the appropriate test environment with desired and personalized settings (eg. Configuring the servers, create a list of test users and devices, and creation of various test scenarios).

CREAplus ActivID TestSuite

CREAplus ActivID TestSuite

Why do you need it?

With the help of CREAplus ActivID Test Suite tool users can review the adequacy of HID ActivID authentication solution, its compatibility with their network, as well as verify the characteristics, preferences, performance and results of various operations to be performed on a daily basis by using the HID ActivID authentication solution. Using the testing tool, users can configure various settings and operations and perform them in a test environment. Therefore they can obtain real and accurate results without having to interfere their production environment and network.

Also all of the potential buyers of HID ActivID authentication solution can use CREAplus ActivID Test Suite tool in order to confirm the appropriateness and try out the main features of the HID ActivID authentication solutions, and can therefore easily decide and facilitate the decision to buy the HID ActivID authentication solutions.

Main operations and options

CREAplus ActivID Test Suite tool enables its users to perform a variety of operations and performance tests with HID ActivID authentication solution, which include:

  • http GET,
  • Ping with SOAP request,
  • Creation of new users,
  • Authentication of users with OTP generators.

The tool also enables the creation and usage of additional tests.

Each test session consists of the following three steps:

  • Preparation of test environment,
  • Performance of tasks,
  • Cleaning of test environment and preparation for further testing.

Results can be shown in two different ways, as the detailed report log of the performed operations, and also in graphs (graphs display response times):

CREAplus ActivID TestSuite

CREAplus ActivID TestSuitePossible errors are shown (written) in red color, the tool also enables the detailed error report:

CREAplus ActivID TestSuite


CREAplus ActivID TestSuite


CREAplus ActivID Test Suite tool also enables its users to store the testing results and thus offers the user additional possibilities for carrying out analysis of performance of HID Global's ActivID authentication solution.


In case of any further questions or enquiries to test HID Global ActivID authentication solutions with CREAplus ActivID Test Suite tool, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..