At the Utimaco and CREAplus conference Protecting digital identities in Vienna, leaders and experts in information security and risk management from Central European private and state enterprises have listened to the best Slovenian practices of the use of cryptography in today's and future digital business.

Dr. Nastja Cepak, head of the CREAplus cryptographic team, presented post-quantum cryptography, and Boštjan Kolar from Cetis highlited the use of cryptographic technologies in providing root security in eGovernment solutions.

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VIENNA, September 14, 2022 – Trust in modern digital services, from digital identities and digital content protection to all payment transactions and exchange of business documents is based on the use of cryptographic technologies. At the Conference Center of the Hilton Vienna Plaza, CREAplus with Utimaco held an expert meeting Protecting Digital Identities with managers and experts responsible for information security and risk management in the financial and public sectors, trust service providers, and providers of various online services based on secure digital identities. The meeting was attended by representatives of commercial and public digital services providers from 12 central European and Balkan countries.

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"We are talking about the very foundations of digital business security, without which there is no trust in any serious digital service. For example, we have seen how cryptography is used in the production of modern personal documents and what are the challenges in protecting people's digital identities. The Internet already includes 75 billion devices, sensors, and control systems, from critical infrastructure and automated manufacturing to smart homes. The identities of these assets must also be protected, and cryptography plays a key role in all this," explained Mitja Trampuž, CEO of CREAplus.

The meeting was held by representatives of Utimaco, Ascertia, and InfoCert, which are tailoring the European and world summit of technologies for the root of trust. Their technical lectures have embraced approaches to protect people and sensitive data in digital environments, remote trusted signing solutions, and device identity management in critical infrastructure protection.

"Today's meeting confirms that we are actively involved in the development of a trusted digital business in Central Europe and the Balkans. In fact, with our activities in post-quantum cryptography, which is excelled by Dr. Nastja Cepak and his excellent team, we are already a big step forward," Trampuž pointed out.

Participants also learned about the business solutions offered by CREAplus in Central and South Eastern Europe through the use of partner technologies and with their own knowledge. Among the practical examples of use stood out Cetis's solution for the personalization of smart documents, which the company markets around the world as part of comprehensive solutions for the production of personal documents, and the achievements of CREAplus's cryptographic team in developing cryptographic solutions for the coming age of quantum computers.