Cybersecurity executives and experts from telecoms, energy, financial, manufacturing and IT companies discovered advanced solutions and services to comprehensively manage the risks in their cyberspace at the international conference "Managing Cybersecurity Risk - are you ready to step up?".

  • Threat detection, prevention and response systems are enhanced by analytical management solutions, intelligence services and tools to continuously test the effectiveness of cyber protection.
  • Providing modern cyber security is beyond the capacity of internal teams due to staffing, financial and knowledge constraints and requires collaboration with managed cyber security service providers.
  • Cybercriminal organisations do not choose their victims - smaller organisations are even more at risk than large ones due to the lack of investment in cyber protection systems.

CREAPLUS hosted an international expert conference on cybersecurity risk management at the CUBO Golf Ljubljana, which provided an insight into a end-to-end cybersecurity system. The technical solutions Cynet and Perception Point for enhanced detection, prevention and response to cyber threats at endpoints, in email, computer networks and in the cloud were presented, as well as the analytics solution Stellar Cyber for central monitoring and process management across all cyber security systems in both business and production IT environments. The KE-LA intelligence services, which help organisations to evaluate risks and prepare actions based on intelligence from various sources where cybercriminal organisations and individuals operate, were a particular highlight for the more than 50 guests from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Hungary. For the first time, the Picus platform for automated penetration testing of the external cyber surface and internal ICT resources was presented to regional managers and information security experts.

"Today, cyber security is much more than preventing cyber intrusions, virus infections or, say, receiving phishing emails. Firstly we need to have a single view of how all the cyber security controls and various security solutions are working, and secondly we need to be able to detect and evaluate risks as soon as they emerge in cyberspace and before they reach the organisation. In addition, we should have the tools to easily test and improve the resilience of our protection systems against new attackers' techniques at any time," said Miha Lavrič, CTO at CREAPLUS and certified ethical hacker, who also demonstrated an example of a hacker attack.

In addition to software solutions and services, participants learned about approaches for cyber crisis management and about SANS Security Awareness, the world's leading user education service. An overlook of the building blocks for a comprehensive cyber protection system was rounded off by cybersecurity best practices from one of the region's largest gambling providers, Admiral Croatia, and one of Austria's leading cyber incident response companies, ARES.

"Today we have seen what all comprises a cybersecurity risk management system and why it is important for everyone to be aware of their exposure, not just infrastructure and large manufacturing companies, banks and state administrations. Every organisation can be a target for cyber criminals, including small and medium-sized enterprises. This makes it all the more important that we can provide organisations of all sizes and activities with affordable and high-quality cyber protection, including in the form of a managed service," said Julianna Pihlar, Sales Director at CREAPLUS.

Eminent speakers from Slovenia, Austria, Israel, the UK and USA with extensive experience in the field of international cyber security agreed that cybercrime has reached the maturity and modus operandi of an industry in which well-established criminal organisations act as operators. They operate on very similar principles to businesses, and therefore not only target wealthy companies, but also attack and extort small businesses, schools and social and health care institutions in order to secure a regular income for their criminal activities.