With this merger, CREAPLUS strengthens its capabilities in the development of secure software solutions for modern digital business and intelligent cybersecurity services.  

CREAPLUS, a company engaged in the distribution and provision of cybersecurity solutions and services, has joined CREAPRO's artificial intelligence solutions and services development business. With the acquisition, CREAPLUS has become the legal successor of CREAPRO and has fully assumed all obligations and rights towards its employees and business partners. The company decided to join forces due to the growing data security challenges in AI solutions and services, and the increasing use of AI in secure business solutions developed in its software business. The artificial intelligence solutions will be offered under the AILA brand, under which they already offer a generative artificial intelligence solution for managing internal information within an organisation. The current CEO of CREAPRO, Klemen Rizman, has taken over the position of Head of AI Solutions Development.

The joining of CREAPRO follows the trends in the AI solutions market, where technological innovations and challenges are emerging month by month.

"Just a few years ago, for example, we weren't even thinking about the privacy and cybersecurity of AI systems. Now it is one of the hottest topics on the minds of providers, users and regulators. This is where the synergy between CREAPRO as an AI solutions provider and CREAPLUS as a comprehensive information and cyber security provider has emerged," said Mitja Trampuž, CEO of CREAPLUS. 

Since their establishment in 2010, CREAPLUS and CREAPRO have kept up with the whirlwind of developments in the IT sector. They have continuously introduced new solutions and services to meet the growing needs of users and the opportunities created by new technologies.

As Trampuž explained, given the similarity of activities, coherent business culture and good relations between the teams, it made sense to build on the synergies organisationally by merging CREAPRO with CREAPLUS. This will not only bring closer collaboration between the development teams, but also significant financial, human resource and other business implications to support further development and growth in both domestic and foreign markets.

Last year, the CREAPRO team offered its own generative AI solution under the AILA brand, which will remain the umbrella brand for future AI solutions after the merger. Expert services in the field of design, development and deployment of AI projects will be transferred to the CREAPLUS brand, which is already engaged in the development of secure software solutions for modern digital business.