CREAPLUS has signed an agreement with Montenegro's security company CSP to transfer best practices and provide selected cyber security solutions for the establishment of a Security Operations Centre for the central port of Montenegro Port of Bar.

CREAPLUS will support its Montenegrin partner CSP in setting up a Security Operations Centre for the Port of Bar. The centre will combine state-of-the-art technologies to automate the operation of security services. Under the agreement, CREAPLUS experts will deploy the Stellar Cyber solution for central management of artificial intelligence-based cybersecurity processes, the Cynet 360 autonomous solution for extended detection and response, and the Perception Point solution for advanced email protection and cloud collaboration at Luka Bar. This will enable the security teams of Luka Bar and the partner CSP to use the same human resources to raise the quality of detection and response to cyber threats to the level of the most advanced companies in the European Union within three months.

"The Port of Bar is classified as critical infrastructure in Montenegro, which requires specific measures to ensure an adequate level of cyber resilience. We are proud that our Montenegrin partners have recognised how CREAPLUS can help them with our expertise, experience and solutions to quickly achieve the required level of cyber resilience at the level of the European Union requirements," said Mitja Trampuž, CEO of CREAPLUS.

According to Mitja Trampuž, the establishment of cooperation between Slovenian and a major Montenegro company is an excellent example of cooperation in the region. It follows a number of cross-national activities, including joint cyber defence exercises within NATO. The Slovenian Ambassador to Montenegro, Bernarda Gradišnik, also expressed her support for cooperation between Slovenian and Montenegrin companies and was present at the signing of the agreement between CREAPLUS and Port of Bar.

This agreement represents a first phase in strengthening the cyber resilience of the Port of Bar. In the second half of the year, they plan to expand their activities to include additional cyber security and resilience measures such as vulnerability management, data encryption and digital identity management. CREAPLUS announced that it will conclude similar agreements with some other large companies or critical infrastructure operators in Montenegro later this year.