In Portoroz, CREAplus will prepare Slovenian competitors for the European competition of the young talents in cybersecurity European Cybersecurity Challenge 2022.

This year and for the second time, Slovenia will participate in a European competition of the young talents in cybersecurity, the European Cybersecurity Challenge (ECSC). The competition has been organized by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) for the seventh time, together with 24 EU member states. At a training camp which will be held from the 16th to the 19th of August in Portoroz, experts from CREAplus will participate in the tutors’ team for Slovenian competitors. In the training camp, organized by Government Information Security Office (URSIV), 26 students will attend. The competition will take place on the 16th of September in Vienna.

logo ECSC CREAplus"Being part of the tutors for let's say European youth championship in cybersecurity is great recognition and even greater responsibility for our team. Cybersecurity including cryptography is one of the strategic segments of the information technologies and has a direct impact on growth and development of the EU economy and society," said Mitja Trampuz, CEO, CREAplus.

Experts from CREAplus which will train students among other experts will lead Nastja Cepak, doctor of the cryptography sciences. They will prepare the competitors for the practical use of cryptography. Nastja Cepak, Ph.D. will provide students with theoretical insight into cryptography and guide them through exercises for data confidentiality and encryption, integrity and data authentication, identification and entity authentication, and secure cryptographic key exchange.

"At CREAplus we invest a lot of our effort in cooperation with universities. We provide students with the possibilities for effective practice of their theoretical knowledge, as well as insight into the dynamic work of cybersecurity professionals. Of course, this is also the best way to uncover the talents we integrate into our intensive program of career development," added Trampuz.

Trampuz stressed that cybersecurity is one of the information technologies segments which sees the biggest deficit of human resources. This is a challenge that will arise even more in the future as digitalization enters entire economic and social activities. As such, cybersecurity is most important for guarding personal and business data and for ensuring trust in digital products.

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