u.trust 360 v4.1 - the next version of easy and convenient HSM administration is available! 

 u.trust 360 provides an easy-to-use GUI with a natural event and decision flow to effectively manage cryptographic resources. Leveraging real-time status updates, compliance reporting, and centralized alerts, hardware security module (HSM) administrators can efficiently address capacity, network and compliance issues in a seamless and timely manner.

Highlights of this release:

  • Redesigned Device Maps
  • Realtime u.trust 360 firmware update UI
  • Enhanced consumption reports with command-level details
  • Select e-mail notification priority
  • Enhanced consumption reports with command level details
  • Schedule backups to an external SFTP server
  • Enhanced security with TLS 1.3

CREAplus has been actively involved in creating and developing the u.trust 360 platform with its complete software development services.

More on u.trust 360 here.