u.trust 360 v4.0 - the next generation of easy and convenient HSM administration is available now! 

Designed to deliver consistent security policy enforcement, provide transparency, and maintain the health of your hardware security module (HSM) infrastructure - utrust 360 v4.0 is here, and performs better than ever!

In this release Utimaco has given the platform an all-around update, including an enhanced UI to give the appliance a better look and feel, and an upgraded user experience.

In this iteration there are the following software updates:

  • Manage and monitor the CryptoServer PCIe card
  • Redundant solution - introducing High Availability
  • Enhanced UI to improve the look and feel of the application for easy access
  • Introducing bulk actions
  • Enhanced login and auto-refresh policy
  • Backup enhancements
  • Can now monitor up to 100 commands on Atalla AT1000 with top 10, and detailed graphs

Implement your centralized management and remote monitoring solution today.

CREAplus has been actively involved in creation and development of the utrust 360 platform with its complete software development services.

More on u.trust 360 here.