Test your cyber resilience: a free trial of Picus Security, the leading BAS (Breach & Attack Simulation) platform.

Independently and quickly check how your cyber defence would now react to a cyber attack - the key tool for test and measure your cyber resilience according to NIS 2 and DORA!  

Take advantage of the award-winning solution for evaluating your cybersecurity controls and simulate real cyber threats in minutes. Get a comprehensive overview of the effectiveness of your controls with Picus' leading BAS platform. Identify gaps in threat prevention and detection and support your team with actionable playbooks to quickly remediate cyber incidents and ensure compliance.


Simulate real threats - automatically or on demand

Simulations are run on the base of a library of more than 3,800 current threats, covering the entire MITRE ATT&CK framework and updated daily. So, you can always stay one step ahead of malicious actors.

Check your cyber defence system's readiness against malware and ransomware in minutes. Invaluable, given that new threats are constantly emerging in the wilds of cyberspace.

Risk-free simulation. Because these are simulations of attacks and intrusions your systems are not really compromised. You can run as many tests as you like, play out different scenarios and test the effectiveness of new settings repeatedly - without impacting the performance of your systems and business processes.


Check the effectiveness of your security controls:

  • on the network, at the endpoint and in the cloud;
  • firewalls, web and email gateways, SIEM, EDR and SOAR tools;
  • insight into real-time security assessments.


Eliminate vulnerabilities and increase resilience:

  • a library for mitigating the impact of cyber incidents with over 70 000 actionable measurements;
  • get results fast with recommendations for mitigating cyber incidents;
  • tailored mitigation suggestions according to the cybersecurity solutions used (EDR, NDR, firewall, etc.) and your IT environment.÷


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