26 participants attended our event "Security on Autopilot" on 12 May 2022!

The current cyber security threat protection approach requires an expensive, multi-product security stack that can only be operated by a large, skilled security teams. This approach leaves IT security resource-drained, exhausted, blinded and exposed. Even if companies could afford this approach, why would they use it? 

With participants we discussed the following very hot topics:

  • How to achieve comprehensive security across the IT infrastructure
  • Understand how easy security is achievable in real life through demonstrated customer cases
  • Paying attention to protecting organizations from threats targeted via email and other cloud collaboration channels
  • Growing importance of cyber security awareness and how to transform your organization’s ability to measure and manage human risk.

The event was carried out with the support of our partners:

  • Cynet Security
  • Perception Point 
  • SANS Security Awareness and 
  • Telekom Slovenije.

Thank you to all participants for attending the event! We appreciate your active participation which contributed to stimulating discussion and to the overall success of the event.