PhD Nastja Cepak presented the challenges of cryptographic security from the perspective of the development of quantum computing at the 14th International Conference "Days of Corporate Security".

The Days of Corporate Security, organised by the Institute for Corporative Security ICS Ljubljana, is the main Slovenian event in the field of comprehensive security management and related business risks. This year's 14th edition of the conference, which focused in particular on cyber security risks, also featured a keynote speech by PhD Nastja Cepak, head of the CREAPLUS cryptography team.

CREAPLUS's leading expert in cryptographic protection of data and digital transactions presented the current challenges posed by quantum computing in the field of security and confidentiality of sensitive data. She pointed out that corporate security managers should start as soon as possible to develop a roadmap to move from today's RSA data encryption algorithms, which quantum computers will easily break, to stronger, post-quantum algorithms. Participants gained insights into good practice in the transition to post-quantum algorithms and the development of the first standards that the global cryptographic community expects to be in place towards the end of this year.