CREAplus received the Excellent SME certificate, issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and credit rating agency Coface.

The Excellent SME (Excellent Small and Medium Enterprises) certificate is a recognition of excellency in business conduct. The certificate is issued to the best performing Slovenian medium and small companies as proclaimed by the cooperation of Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and credit rating company Coface Adriatic.

The main purposes of the certificate are to enhance market transparency, promote successful smaller companies, improve business transaction security, and to introduce highest-level business conduct standard. These goals are in line with EU’s guidelines for evolving excellence in business. Each certificate holder is a credible and trustworthy business partner.

Main goals of the certificate are contributing to safer business transactions, easier and more efficient decision making, and reduced risk for suppliers and customers.

The certificate is issued based on Coface’s assessment of company’s credit ranking and results of regular performance monitoring.  

Certificate Exellent SME

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