European telecom operators learned about the challenges and trends in the development of quantum technologies and how to use post-quantum cryptography to protect data in telecom networks at ETIS' flagship industry event.

Dr Nastja Cepak, Chief Cryptographer at CREAPLUS, spoke at the ETIS European Telecom Operators Meeting in Prague, which this year was themed "Shaping the Future of Telecoms Through the Power of AI".

Nastja Cepak gave a presentation on "Quantum Technologies and Telecomunications - Introduction" in the company of experts from renowned global technology providers and operators such as NOKIA, Swisscom, Proximus, T-Mobile, KPN, O2 and Lenovo.

In her presentation, Nastja Cepak introduced the basics of quantum technologies and their application in the telecommunications sector. She also gave an overview of the technologies that will influence the future development of telecommunications and highlighted the advances in quantum computing, which heralds the breakthrough of asymmetric cryptography.

As Nastja Cepak pointed out, cryptographic quantum computers could threaten the telecommunications sector in several areas, from communication between base stations and secure gateways, to the provision of cloud infrastructure services, to authentication and secure communication in 4G and 5G networks, to remote SIM tuning and upgrading.

Experts and decision-makers from leading European telecommunications companies also heard about solutions for post-quantum cryptography and quantum key exchange, with Nastja Cepak comparing the hardware required, the building blocks of a security and confidentiality system, and the potential for the two technologies to co-exist.