At the traditional 21st INFOSEK conference, CREAPLUS will be presenting several new developments in its portfolio, from new cyber security solutions and services to breakthroughs in data encryption.

In addition to best practices in cyber security based on the autonomous XDR platform CYNET 360 CREAPLUS will present innovative solutions and services offered over the last year. These include the SecOps platform Stellar Cyber, the automated breach and attack simulation platform Picus Security and the KELA security intelligence services.

Together with the new security solutions and services for which CREAPLUS has become a distributor in the past year, the company will also be showcasing a comprehensive range of services at its stand, ranging from system security audits and penetration tests to the creation of security strategies and operational cyber security plans.

"CREAPLUS has developed new solutions, for which we have gained representation in the regional market of the Western Balkans and the DACH countries, to offer affordable services that enable organizations to improve their cyber security posture and establish risk management in a relatively short time, taking into account the latest developments in their cyberspace," said Mitja Trampuž, CEO of CREAPLUS.

The company, which is considered one of the leading providers of integrated cybersecurity solutions, will also present at this year's Infosec the leading Utimaco hardware security modules for the creation and secure storage of encryption keys, for which it is developing management software. Visitors will also learn about their services for developing secure digital business applications and data encryption services, including advances in post-quantum cryptography and digital signing solutions based on PKI public key infrastructure.