EKWB strives for perfection in all respects - from product to service. Being a global leader and one of the most innovative manufacturers of cooling solutions for motherboards, processors and graphics cards on the market, for domestic, business and professional users. The Slovenian company EKWB, whose roots reach back to 1999, was formed as a garage project by founder Edvard König and has been dictating industrial standards for more than ten years now, collaborating with leading tech manufacturers

The Challenge

Maintaining the trust of strategic partners and customers, conducting secure business transactions on more than 30 global markets and ensuring top-quality support for customers around the world dictates constant accessibility of the Data system throughout the entire business process, from development and production to marketing, sales and after-sales services. And, as a high-tech company, EKWB is also exposed to the cyber security threats.

Robert Osojnik
- Robert Osojnik,

IT Manager Robert Osojnik had been searching for an all-comprehensive solution that would raise the level of cyber security and provide management at all levels of the company’s IT system in one place. A solution that would ensure risk reduction and rapid and accurate security incident detection, regardless of where in the data system such an incident might occur.

»We wanted protection that would not only be unwaveringly trustworthy but would also support our efforts to ensure excellence in all areas, from products to everyday business and work with customers,« emphasised Osojnik.

The Solution

The small EKWB team, which provides IT support for global business operations, needs simple and effective tools. “The Cynet 360 platform became fully operational as soon as we installed the agents. Its friendly user interface and control panel allow for easy switching between various options on the platform, additionally simplifying its acquaintance and use”, said Osojnik.

The Cynet 360 platform provides IT security, offering detailed insight into the operation of the company’s IT system, management and full control over security in one place. It’s even more efficient due to its options for setting up specific response processes for individual detected security incidents. Most response processes are automated, and the IT team deals only with the real threats. Our confidence in the solution only increased by the top-quality user support provided by Cynet’s CyOps team, which is available 24 hours a day, all days of the week. As Osojnik says, this makes them like less worried and more prepared for potential threats, regardless of where and when they might happen

Osojnik was thrilled by the Cynet 360 platform and quickly opted for a trial use (POC). He was convinced by the simple and practical instant installation of Cynet 360 agents onto all endpoints in the company’s IT system. The icing on the cake was its capability to control all attack vectors by monitoring the interdependence of files, users, networks and hosts.

“Having a solution that provides us with all-comprehensive security in one place represents a major advantage. No longer do we need to use different and separate security solutions, thus reducing both the scope of work as well as the number of incorrectly detected security events that we would have to deal with,” explained Osojnik

They were further impressed by the quality and accuracy of its security incident detection and pinpointing of unknown threats, as well as by its option of automated incident response and forensic analysis of incidents.

Secure and dependable operating of the complete IT system

Edvard Konig»As a leading developer of liquid cooling solutions, we need a simple and effective solution for protection against cyber security threats. In addition, due to our desire to maintain a vital and efficient organization to the highest extent possible, we are constantly investing into business digitization. This means we need to ensure the secure and dependable operating of the complete IT system, which supports sales, development and production. Thanks to the Cynet 360 platform, we’ve found a solution that supports our vision and commitment to customers and ranks among the top in its field.«

Edvard König, Founder of EKWB

Cynet XDR