In CREAPLUS we are looking for passionate colleagues who like new challenges, want to make a difference in IT market, who understand the requirements of our clients and are able to meet them efficiently using their business, IT and IT security knowledge.

We value characteristics such as a responsibility, constant willingness to learn, the ability to independently and comprehensively overcome business challenges, logical and analytical capacities, patience in working with people, foreign language and writing skills, together with persistence, endurance, punctuality and precision.

The development of your personal career and expertise is important to us. Our management and company culture is characterized by cooperation and ambition — whether you are with us as a student, a graduate or an experienced professional. We place special priority on offering each employee a good working environment and productive teamwork, as well as flexibility in a flat hierarchy. It’s also important to us that you are able to balance your working and private life and to flexibly define your working hours. Terms such as “part-time” and “home office” are well known within our modern work organization.

At the moment we are looking for:


Job description

We are looking for passionate colleague who likes new challenges, is able to meet them efficiently using IT knowledge, develops information systems by studying operations; designing, developing, and installing software solutions; supports and develops software team.

Required knowledge and experience:

  • Extensive knowledge of ASP.NET and C#
  • Knowledge of relation databases and experience in using SQL
  • Practical experience in using the Docker environment
  • Knowledge of Linux operating system
  • Past experience in GIT environment
  • Knowledge of other data sources (cache databases, time-series DBs, NoSQLs …)
  • Knowledge of computer networks
  • Digital security mechanisms (TLS, certificates, … )

Desired knowledge and experience:

  • Experience in other development environments (Node.js, Java, Python, C++ … )
  • Experience in using the code quality applications (Codacy, Burp Suite and similar)
  • Knowledge of test-oriented development approach (unit testing, functional testing, etc)
  • Knowing the coding best practices
  • Secure coding knowledge

Past Experience:

  • Agile oriented project work (SCRUM) , cooperation with the designated scrum master
  • Successfully completed at least two past projects in position of the lead developer
  • Project team task planning
  • Using Jira or similar tools for project management
  • Leading a smaller development team
  • Sharing the expert knowledge and daily directing the development team
  • Communicating with project shareholders

The rest of desirables:

  • Excellent knowledge of English language
  • Capability of individual communication with the customer
  • Being able to work as part of a project team and being a team player
  • Capability of seeing a wider perspective of the project and it’s impact
  • Responsibility and care of the team members (team first mentality)